History of Class Photos


The following photographs record members of staff - Wee Waa Central School (up until 1985) and then Wee Waa Public School (from 1986 onwards) ....  If you are able to assist with names where not known, please email the school - - it would be appreciated to have the list updated.


1967 Staff


1968 Staff

3rd Row - (?), Ralph Wood, (?), Bob Mirow

2nd Row - Carolyn (Rosnen)Lennon, Mavis Lockyer, Nola Tome, (?) Lesley MorrisTherese Price

1st Row - (?), Wendy Sevil, Kevin Matthews, Pat Murphy, Colleen Morris, Susie (Holland) Blows, (?)


1972 Staff


1973 Staff 

 Wee Waa Central School Staff - 1972



1974 Staff

Wee Waa Central School Staff - 1974


1975 Staff

Back Row - L/R - Tom Reschow, Michael Rowe, Ross Linegar, Steven Tatham, Ken Hannaford, Neil McDonnell, Ian Johnson, Arthur Romel, Geoff Walsh

3rd Row - Kerry Lowder, Judy Walsh, Lisette Newsome, Judy Osborne, Julie Dutch, Anthea Carrigan, Carol Miller, Jenny Wilcox, Julie Leven.

2nd Row - Arch Fowler, Chris McIlvanie, Patrice Rowe, Tricia Kuppens, Jenny Briggs, Nerida Rushton, Peg Cruckshank, Jenny Brown, Denise Horne, Paul Hansen

Front Row - Dave Marshall, Helen Nixon, Dave Dare, Olive Gallimore, John Gallimore, John Beer, Errol Duck-Chong, Maxine Kerr, Graeme McIntosh, Janet Lawrence


1976 Staff

4th Row - Dave Marshall, Neil McDonnell, Graeme McIntosh, Greg Goldsmith, Ian Johnson, Steve Tatham, Ross Linegar, Ross Fleming, Arch Fowler

3rd Row - Jenny Brown, Betty Dewson, Patrice Rowe, Jenny Fletcher, Tom Reschow, Bob Flax, Kathryn Hamilton, Peg Cruckshank, Chris McIlvanie

2nd Row - Barbara Kennedy, Julie Dutch, Lisette Newsome, Cynthia Wells, Nerida Rushton, Alison Lambert, Kerry Lowder, Lynne Dillon, Julie Leven, Jenny Briggs, Gwen Brown, Tricia Kuppens

Front Row - Denise Horne, Carol Miller, John Gallimore, Helen Nixon, John Beer, Olive Gallimore, Errol Duck-Chong, Anthea Carrigan, Janet Lawrence


1977 Staff

4th Row - Tom Reschow, Betty Dewson, Carol Miller, Michael Murphy, Angus Nivison, Steve Tatham, Ross Fleming, Greg Woodham, Bob Flax, Ken Hannaford, Dave Marshall

3rd Row - Peg Cruckshank, Kerry Toomey, Jenny Fletcher, Kathy Flax, Greg Goldsmith, Paul King, Jim Walker, Maxine Booby, Lyn Northey, Denise Horne, Paul Colless

2nd Row - Maureen Dorrington, Tricia Kuppens, Cynthia Wells (Bowen), Kerry Lowder, Jenny Brown, Janice Love, Linda Turton, Jenny Briggs, Sue Rappeneker, Gwen Brown, Enid Trindall

1st Row - David Rees, Wendy Noble, John Gallimore, Olive Gallimore, John Beer, Helen Nixon, Errol Duck-Chong, Chris McIlvanie, Graeme McIntosh


1978 Staff

3rd Row - Ernie Shepherdson, Robyn Combo, Greg Woodham, Mike Matheson, Michael Murphy, Steve Baxter, Ann-Maree Love, Carol Miller

2nd Row - Jenny Fletcher, Karen Logan, Robyn Killen, Janice Love, Jenny Brown, Enid Trindall, Maureen Dorrington

1st Row - Maxine Booby, Margaret Facey, Peg Cruckshank, Denis O'Neill, John Gallimore, Olive Gallimore, Gwen Brown


3rd Row - Paul King, Julie Kensit, Robyn Killen, Mike Matheson, Lesley Cleaver, Trish Dewson, Carol Miller

2nd Row - Robyn Combo, Margaret Facey, Greg Woodham, Janice Love (Murphy), Mike Murphy, Jenny Brown, Enid Trindall, Maureen Dorrington

1st Row - Sue Docherty, Peg Cruckshank, Olive Gallimore, Denis O'Neill, John Gallimore, Merrin Harrison, (?)


3rd Row - Ross Mitchell, Greg Woodham, Ray Pund, John Ayre, Peter Cairns, Don Foster, Paul King

2nd Row - Anne Brent, Sharon Seymour, Sue Docherty, Patricia Dewson, Robyn Killin, Merrin Harrison, Maureen Dorrington, Robyn Scofield

1st Row - Robyn Combo, Kerry McGilvray, Gwen Brown, Denis O'Neill, Bill Wenban, Jenny Brown, Peg Cruckshank


3rd Row - Anne Trenerry, Don Foster, Stev Willis, John Ayre, Ray Pund, Peg Cruckshank

2nd Row - Judy Wenban, Pam Bazzo, Sue Price, Jenny Brown, Enid Trindall, Margaret Dietrich

1st Row - Merrin Harrison, Kath Hamilton, Pat Shaw, Frank Shaw, Bill Wenban, Margaret Facey, Robyn Combo


3rd Row - Stephen Willis, John Ayre, Don Foster

2nd Row - Robyn Constable, Merrin Harrison, Pam Roberts (Bazzo), Jenny Brown, Rhiannon Roberts, Merrelynne Watts, Judy Wenban, Robyn Combo

1st Row - Anne Brent, Peg Cruckshank, Bill Wenban, Frank Shaw, Pat Shaw, Kathryn Hamilton, Margaret Dietrich


3rd Row - Lise Webber, Merrelynne Watts, Don Foster, Stephen Willis, Bev McKinnon-Matthews

2nd Row - Peg Cruckshank, Robyn Norman, Enid Trindall, Rhiannon Roberts, Jenny Brown, Robyn Combo, Kathryn Hamilton

1st Row - Robyn Constable, Sue Reithmuller, Pat Shaw, Frank Shaw, Bill Wenban, Anne Brent (Trenerry), Judy Wenban


3rd Row - Robyn Norman, Don Foster, Steve Willis, Mark Watters, Manoli Salvador

2nd Row - Peg Cruckshank, Robyn Combo, Robyn Constable, Jenny Brown, Rhiannon Roberts, Merre Watts, Sue Riethmuller, Anne Trenerry

1st Row - Gail Ison, Kath Hamilton, John Flannery, Alan Deece, Win Wilson, Julie Crutcher, Judy Simpson

3rd Row - Lee Allomes, Gail Ison, Judy Hindmarsh, Robyn Combo, Robyn Pearce

2nd Row - Betty Cameron, Diane Grocott, Merrelynne Watts, Mark Watters, Don Foster, Peter Flannery, Maxine Booby, Leonie Nommensen

1st Row - Julie Seward, Fiona Barlow, Jenny Brown, John Flannery, Mick Halbert, Win Wilson, Lexis Toms, Kath Hamilton, Anne Trenerry

3rd Row - Peter Flannery, Mark Watters, Diane Grocott, Vicki Moore, Lexis Toms, Robyn Pearce

2nd Row - Leonie Nommensen, Jenny Brown, Merre Watts, Maxine Booby, Julie Seward, Fyona Barlow, Lee Allomes, Betty Cameron, Kath Hamilton

1st Row - Maggie Wall, Audrey Irving, Ann Thomas, Anne Trenerry, Mick Halbert, Carol Dewson, Robyn Combo, Judy Simpson, Jenny Terrens

3rd Row - Betty Cameron, Anna Georgopoulos, Anne Trenerry, jennie Reid, Vicki Moore, David Younie, Maxine Booby, Jenny Tibbits, Ken Fremman, Bill Toomey

2nd Row - Jenny Hewitt, Maria Finlay, Audrey Irving, Lexis Toms, Ann Thomas, Merre Watts, Judy Simpson, Tracey Ison, Beryl Berger

1st Row - Tracey Aumuller, Kath Hamilton, Robyn Pearce, Diane Grocott, Jill Maher, Michael Halbert, Carol Dewson, Fyona Barlow, Jenny Brown, Leonie Nommensen

3rd Row - Anna Georgopoulos, Tracey Aumuller, Janet Baker, Judy Simpson, Jenny Hewitt

2nd Row - Judy Withers, Merre Watts, Peter Hickey, David Younie, Diane Grocott, Betty Cameron, Leonie Nommensen

1st Row - Jane Lyons, Maxine booby, Kth Hamilton, Greg Homer, Meryl Nolan, Carol Dewson, Maria Finlay, Jenny Brown, Lexis Toms

3rd Row - Leonie Nommensen, Maria Rankin, Tracey Ison

2nd Row - Jane Lyons, Judy Withers, Tracey Hickey, Jodie Lowder, Peter Hickey, Sue Smith, Ann Thomas, Betty Cameron

1st Row - Jennifer Tibbits, Judy Simpson, Maggie Wall, Loretta Thomas, Meryl Nolan, Carol Miller, Kath Hamilton, Anna Bacigalupo, Jenny Brown

3rd Row - Tracey Hickey, Judy Hindmarhs, Maggie Wall, Justine Aitken, Jenny Brown, Maria Rankin, Jane Lyons

2nd Row - Ann Cass, Cheryl Gordon, Fyona Barlow, Ann Thomas, Danaiel Barnes, Peter Hickey, Merre Watts, Peg Cruckshank, Sue Smith

1st Row - Jodie Lowder, Carol Miller, Loretta Thomas, Meryl Nolan, Kath Hamilton, Peter Carrett, Leonie Nommensen

3rd Row - Leonie Nommensen, Anne Trenerry, Peter Carrett, Jodie Lowder, Ann Thomas, Maria Rankin, Tracy Avery

2nd Row - Maggie Wall, Lynda Wood, Louise Inder, Jenny Brown, Howard Avery, Daniel Barnes, Merre Watts, Betty Cameron

1st Row - Jane Lyons, Jill Mita, Sue Smith, Jennifer Tibbits, Meryl Nolan, Kath Hamilton, Carol Miller, Peg Cruckshank, Melissa Reid

3rd Row - Melissa Reid, Jodie Lowder, Maggie Wall, Jamie Richards, Sue Smith, Ann Thomas, M'Lissa Wilcox

2nd Row - Susan McDonnell, Peg Cruckshank, Monica Wilkinson, Tim Kessel, Merre Watts, Jenny Brown, Tracy Avery, Vicki Myler

1st Row - Lorraine Genge, Peter Carrett, Judy Hindmarsh, Meryl Nolan, Kath Hamilton, Howard Avery, Jane Lyons

3rd Row - Fran Bennett, Jodie Lowder, Robyn Scott, Monica Wilkinson, M'Lissa Wilcox, Vicki Myler

2nd Row - Peter Carrett, Peg Cruckshank, Sue Smith, Howard Avery, Andrew Rodgers, Merre Watts, Jenny Brown, Betty Cameron, Shelby Kneller

1st Row - Kath Hamilton, Judy Hindmarsh, Meryl Nolan, Carol Miller, Theresa Davern

3rd Row - Vicki Myler, Peter Carrett, Andrew Rodgers, Howard Avery, Monica Wilkinson, Jodie Lowder

2nd Row - Betty Cameron, Jenny Brown, Mary Nelson, Fran Bennett, Susan Rayburn, Merre Watts, Melissa Reid

1st Row - Shanyn Worley, Loraine Genge, Judy Hindmarsh, Chris Shaw, Sue Smith, Kath Hamilton, Tracy Avery

3rd Row - Melissa Reid, Jodie Lowder, Vicki Anderson, Merre Watts, Peter Carrett, Loraine Genge

2nd Row - Betty Cameron, Jenny Brown, Fran Bennett, Howard Avery, Sue Smith, Megan Bauer, Suzanne Raeburn

1st Row - Anne Trenerry, Judy Hindmarsh, Chris Shaw, Kath Hamilton, Regina Stoltenberg

3rd Row - Peter Carrett, Maree Schatz, Kerrie Shaw, Melinda Squire, Suzanne Raeburn, Jodie Lowder

2nd Row - Betty Cameron, Shanyn Worley, Jenny Brown, Sue Smith, Paula Harmer, Joanne Miller, Loraine Genge

1st Row - Regina Stoltenberg, Judy Hindmarsh, Chris Shaw, Kath Hamilton, Melissa Reid

3rd Row - Suzanne Raeburn, Merre Watts, Shanyn Worley, Dianne Shann, Keira Hanson

2nd Row - Jodie Lowder, Vanessa Gray, Leanne Bashforth, Paula Harmer, Megan Bauer, Jenny Brown

1st Row - Peter Carrett, Regina Stoltenberg, Kerrie Shaw, Chris Shaw, Kath Hamilton, Emily Meldrum, Betty Cameron

3rd Row - Peter Carrett, Berrill Ley, Kerrie Shaw, Suzanne Raeburn, Keira Hanson, Regina Stoltenberg

2nd Row - Francis Drysdale, Melinda Squire, Leanne Bashforth, Steven O'Neill, Narelle Smart, Jodie Lowder, Betty Cameron

1st Row - Anne Trenerry, Dianne Shann, Sue Smith, Chris Shaw, Kath Hamilton, Shanyn Worley, Emily Meldrum

3rd Row - Keira Hanson, Jodie Lowder, Vanessa Gray, Merre Watts, Kerrie Shaw

2nd Row - Louise Flynn, Andrew Rodgers, Steven O'Neill, Jennifer Treverrow, Monica Rodgers

1st Row - Melissa O'Neill, Regina Stoltenberg, Dianne Shann, Sue Smith, Peter Carrett, Jenny Brown, Emily Meldrum

2nd Row - Sheila Combo, Vanessa Gray, Andrew Rodgers, Jenny Brown, Cathy Ingram, Dianne Shann, Jodie Lowder, Glen Kite

1st Row - Keira Hanson, Regina Stoltenberg, Sue Smith, Aurora Reilly, Peter Carrett, Betty Cameron, Louise Flynn

2nd Row - Patrese Finlay, Vanessa Charlton, Francis Drysdale, Andrew Rodgers, Jenny Brown, Dianne Shann, Merre Watts, Jacqui Goodwin

1st Row - Betty Cameron, Louise Flynn, Peter Carrett, Aurora Reilly, Susan Smith, Jodie Keys, Keira Hanson, Anne Trenerry


2nd Row - Betty Cameron, Vanessa Charlton, Jenny Brown, Jennifer Treverrow, Peter Baum, Francis Drysdale, Jodie Keys, Nerida Lawrence, Clifford Toomey

1st Row - Jacqui Goodwin, Dianane Shann, Susan Smith, Aurora Reilly, Peter Carrett, Patrese Finlay, Donna Blake

2nd Row - Anne Cain, Clifford Toomey, Nadia Gavin, Merre Watts, Monica Rodgers, Pete Baum, Dianne Shann, Andrew Rodgers, Natalie Doyle, Shannon Rogers, Patrese Finlay

1st Row - Jodie Keys, Valerie Lucas, Jennifer Carrett, Peter Carrett, Aurora Reilly, Susan Smith, Sonia Buerckner, Jenny Brown

3rd Row - Cindy O'Neill, Jenny Brown, Andrew Rodgers, Pete Baum, Carmen Conomos, Monica Rodgers, Francis Drysdale

2nd Row - Leanne Combo, Regina Stoltenberg, Lorraine Leonard, Jodie Keys, Patrese Finlay, Clifford Toomey, Melissa Duxbury, Valerie Lucas

1st Row - Donna Blake, Robyn Booby, Jenny Carrett, Susan Smith, Aurora Reilly, Peter Carrett, Kristie Fuller, Colleen Combo


3rd Row - Carmen Conomos, Jennifer Treverrow, Andrew King, Pete Baum, Andrew Rodgers, Vanessa Charlton, Lisa Pfeffer

2nd Row - Robyn Booby, Patrese Finlay, Francis Drysdale, Merre Watts, Jenny Brown, Monica Rodgers, Leanne Combo, Clifford Toomey

1st Row - Kristy Fuller, Jennifer Carrett, Lorraine Leonard, Jodie Keys, Dorothee Lean, Peter Carrett, Denise Galagher, Colleen Combo


3rd Row - Merre Watts, Vanessa Miller-Williams, Vanessa Charlton, Andrew Rodgers, Shannon Booby, Monica Rodgers, Francis Drysdale, Lorraine Leonard

2nd Row - Carmen Conomos, Clifford Toomey, Leanne Combo, Patrese Finlay, Maree Daskey, Jenny Brown, Lisa Pfeffer, Jennifer Carrett, Denise Galagher

1st Row - Kristy Fuller, Colleen Combo, Charmaine Tancred, Dorothee Lean, Peter Carrett, Cindy O'Neill, Paula Fairless, Debbie Ross


2nd Row - Merre Watts, Maree Clark, Adam Ross, Jennifer Treverrow, Heidi Fragar, Diana Burtenshaw, Colleen Combo, Maree Daskey, Jodie Keys, Jennifer Carrett

1st Row - Leanne Combo, Jenny Brown, Charmaine Tancred, Susan Smith, Denise Galagher, Sue Cameron, Anna Baird, Kristy Fuller


3rd Row - Maree Daskey, Adam Ross, Carmen Conomos, Heidi Fragar, Francis Drysdale

2nd Row - Kristy Fuller, Sue Cameron, Anne Boehm Jenny Brown, Charmaine Tancred, Anna Baird

1st Row - Jemma Martin, Jennifer Treverrow, Diana Burtenshaw, Dorothee Lean, Susan Smith, Debbie Ross


2012 Staff

 Wee Waa Public School Staff - 2012

Back Row - Carol Miller, Chloe Pillar, Adam Ross, Ebonnie Fagan, Francis Drysdale, Sharon Farrell, Annette Hamilton.

Middle Row - Joan McNamara, Mereka Miguel, Jemma Martin, Merrelynne Watts, Clifford Toomey, Kirsty Fuller, Anne Cain

Front Row - Carmen Conomos, Jodie Keys, Sue Smith, Dorothee Lean, Anna Baird, Diana Burtenshaw,

Jenny Brown, Debbie Ross.